Could not retrieve datatable SELECT * FROM Setup_Corp

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Could not retrieve datatable SELECT * FROM Setup_Corp

Postby kurtwm » Sat Sep 26, 2015 8:14 pm

A couple of days ago we encountered a little problem that took a day to figure out and resolve. I am posting this experience for the benefit of others who might encounter similar problems,

The other night we had a prolonged outage. Th UPS eventually ran out of power and the server and clients crashed. Not gracefully, but it just shut down like if someone simply hits the power switch with everything running.

Subsequently we had problems bringing up and connecting the client registers to the server and received the following message on the client:

PCA_DataMod Exception encountered System.Data .SqlClient.SqlException: object reference not set to an instance of an object. At PCA_DataMod.PCA_DB.TableExistsString TableName. Location: TabeleExists.

After clicking "OK' the following messages popped up:

Could not retrieve datatable SELECT * FROM Setup_Corp
Windows cannot access \\Bcl-server\mssgl10_50.pcamerica

A little panicked, I was trying to figure out what exactly the problem is, database, sql, network or what. Searched the internet, but that did not help much. It just got me off to search in areas that seem to be working and unrelated. Here are some of the things I did:

Reloaded the database. Seems easy and quick to try.....did not help
Removed network switch and direct connected one register to the server....did not help
Checked and tinkered around with the SQL servers on the server side..... did not help
Cleaned cache....did not help
server and clients ran on different ports (dynamically assigned). Changed ports to make the same ... did not help
stopped and started PCAMERICA servers....did not help
re-entered sql userid/password...did not help
Checked Windows firewall to make sure it is turned off...did not help
Reviewed sql and system logs, no errors...did not help

What made troubleshooting difficult for me is not knowing more about sql and server maintenance/configuration. There are servers listed that were disabled, but appeared to me that they should be active. Spent a significant amount of time attempting to understand all that and make the mental connection between server and clients.

I can't remember what else I did trying to get the darn thing going, all along blaming pcAmerica for a shitty product and lack of more detailed information. We switched to a backup system and at least sales were not lost. I wrote down all the steps I took to be able to reverse them when one change did not resolve the problem.

I do not have a maintenance agreement, but was almost ready to call them for help when I took a last look at the online help pages and reviewed the sql configuration instructions. I confirmed everything it lists and my setup seemed OK when I read the note to turn off the firewall under some conditions. Well, we are meeting these conditions and I looked at the McAfee firewall....and sure was turned on. After turning the firewall off the system came right back and all pieces work as they should.

I have no idea what turned the McAfee firewall on. Maybe an update that was installed or the server crash, but I doubt that. It's not the first time we had a long power outage, but never had a problem in the past.

Our system does not use WIFI; it is hard cabled because it is more reliable and faster. On occasion I use the internet on the server, mainly to search or allow updates. McAfee is our virus and firewall software.

On hindsight, pcAmerica has been very stable for us and never had a problem with their product since we installed it over a year ago. That's not to say, the product could not be improved.

Anyways, it was not a good experience, but I am somewhat glad that it was not a pcAmerica problem, but probably my fault for having the McAfee firewall turned on.

Quick update: the error I have received could be caused by many different problems, but basically it states that the client is unable to communicate with the sql server.
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Re: Could not retrieve datatable SELECT * FROM Setup_Corp

Postby hucami » Sat Oct 03, 2015 2:00 pm

Timing could not have been better. My home server/client setup had an identical problem, getting these sql errors. Not being familiar with setting up a client/server environment, I searched the internet and found this post. After turning off my firewall my client was able to talk to the server. Thanks
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